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August issue of Salisbury the Magazine features “Beyond the Hedges”

SALISBURY — The August issue of Salisbury the Magazine, a publication of the Salisbury Post, has reached…

July 23, 2020

Historic Salisbury Foundation founder Ed Clement to ‘retire’ from board of trustees

SALISBURY — After 48 straight years, Ed Clement, the principal founder of the historic Salisbury Foundation, plans…

July 18, 2020

HSF featured in Celebrate Salisbury, NC

Salisbury NC is known for its historical preservation. Tucked inside this small town, there are 5 Local…

July 16, 2020

HSF scavenger hunt connects to city’s past

SALISBURY — Salisbury is known for its history. And while many of us are cooped up due…

July 16, 2020

Historic Salisbury Foundation celebrating Preservation Month

SALISBURY — For the Historic Salisbury Foundation, May is a month to celebrate preservation more than usual….

May 19, 2020

Archive: Minding the store: Summer’s first History on Tap tours the Youngs’ restoration in progress

SALISBURY — At one time, this was a place to come for bolts, seeds, work gloves, tomatoes…

June 29, 2018

Historic Salisbury Foundation acquires house once overrun by nature

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) – From Historic Salisbury Foundation: Historic Salisbury Foundation has announced the acquisition of the…

October 4, 2017

Archive: History on Tap series planned again this summer by HSF

SALISBURY — The Historic Salisbury Foundation Inc. will host its third annual summer series, “History on Tap.”…

June 2, 2017

Archive: Empire Hotel is still majestic to History on Tap tour goers

Lots of lucky people got the chance to take a walk through history during a tour of…

June 26, 2015