Our Place in History This course provides a factual, well-rounded and entertaining romp through the history of Rowan County and Salisbury.

Participants will develop strong personal contacts as well as reference guides to encourage and enable further casual reading or serious research.

The class series also makes a great gift for that person who has an interest in history and gift certificates are available.

Behind-the-scenes tours of various historic sites and presentations by local experts will leave all participants with a greater knowledge of the area in which we live. Classes include information on Native Americans, early pioneers, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and into modern times! The basic text is “Rowan County… A Brief History” by James S. Brawley. It is available at the Rowan Public Library, or on CD at the class for $10.

Make your reservation by calling 704-636-0103 or by email to office@historicsalisbury.org.


Newcomers (1st Year in Rowan County)


Members of HSF or Rowan Museum