Quotes of the week: ‘An effort to help people learn how to take care of their historic homes’ April 1, 2022

“It’s just an effort to help people learn how to take care of their historic homes because the fabric of these homes are worth saving.”

— Kimberly Stieg, Historic Salisbury Foundation’s executive director on opening the Ice House once a month for people to look over salvaged and donated materials stored there

“The level of camaraderie that One Love can offer with their staff to individuals being served by having staff who has been through what these veterans have is what the population needs.”

— Jenny Lee, United Way executive director on veteran-specific clinical and daily resource options at One Love Community Services

“We know children cannot learn if they’re hungry. It’s going to put some people in tough situations again.”

— Lisa Altmann, Rowan-Salisbury Schools nutrition director as the U.S. Department of Agriculture cuts back covering meal costs

“We want people to know we are building a model small town. We want all folks to know they can come here and be successful.”

— Peter Franzese, Spencer town manager after the hiring of the first female police officer in six years

“The way I look at it I’ll be living on a nice college campus and meeting new people from everywhere. … I’m going to be seeing what the world is like outside Salisbury. I’m just going to be doing it a mile from home.”

— Jayden Gibson, Salisbury High football standout on his choice for playing the next level at Catawba

“The hope and intention of this forum is to plant the seeds of how both charity and advocacy can be nurtured in congregations and in community to meet the growing needs of our community and of our youth.”

— Susan Lee, chair of the Covenant Community Connection on the ‘Supporting Public Education’ gathering

“I’m a strong believer that when things are put in your path, it’s meant to happen.”

— Katie March, who decided to take over the Heart & Oak vintage furniture and clothing store after seeing a post for a closing sale

“I would find myself at home in bed after a long drive and not know how I got there. … I knew I couldn’t go on like this. I was raised in church, and I wanted to get back there.”

— John Gillespie, who gave up life on the road and turned to using his musical talents in church