2018 Year End Request - Gas Lights at the Hall House


Imagine Dr. Hall standing on the front porch of his new house one evening and looking around the neighborhood. He is comforted by the sight of gaslights along both South Jackson and West Bank Streets.

Unfortunately, those gaslights around the Hall House don’t exist any longer, but, YOU can help bring them back. 

Historic Salisbury Foundation has owned, maintained and opened this magnificent home since 1972,Hall House gas lamp but soon, we will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of its construction. Many special events will be held and we are asking your help to restore the old gaslights along the Jackson and Bank Street sides of the Hall House.

We estimate the cost of replacing four of the lights, manufacture of the custom redwood posts, trenching for the new gas lines and installation to be $15,000.

Your generous year-end gift will help the Foundation begin work on this effort, leading up to a grand 200th Birthday Celebration in 2020.  More importantly, it will ensure that this Salisbury landmark will continue to be an asset to our community.

Thank you for your generosity.


Susan G. Sides                                                



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