Randy ReamerWhen Marcia and I moved back to Salisbury in 1972 the HSF was just getting started. We considered ourselves "urban gorillas" when we and other families with children bought old homes to fix up in the now West Square. The neighborhood was in "transition" at the time(and it always will be).

Together with an eclectic group of others, we fought battle after battle to save our neighborhood. HSF was instrumental in the the fight. We began with creation of a neighborhood association that is still vibrant and has been a model for others. We secured designations as local and federal historic districts. We promoted the West Square through OctoberTour year after year and who can forget the dramatic moving of the Crawford house from across town to the corner of Fulton/Horah streets.

Marcia and I raised our three children on South Fulton street with lots of other kids in a traditional environment(near church,school, library,and the pool halls downtown). It has given us much pleasure to see other neighborhood protected over the years with the help of HSF so other Salisbury families might benefit as did we. Today we have grandchildren growing up in West Square.

Working with the Board of HSF has given me a new appreciation for the good work HSF does on many fronts and often out of the spotlight. I am happy to help in my small way. There is a project for everyone and the work will never end.