Doug BlackLeslie and I became involved with the Foundation as docents at the Hall House shortly after moving to Salisbury in 2001.  We have also supported the maintenance of the grounds:  Leslie keeps the Hall House herb garden while I have trimmed hedges and other bushes.  From there, as required, I expanded my maintenance efforts to include the Depot and Grimes Mill.

 If you live in a historic home or neighborhood, what do you like most about it?

We live in the Fulton Heights National Historic District in the Dr. Armstrong House.  After returning from WW I, he serve with distinction as the County Health Officer for many years.  The house is solid as a rock and the neighborhood is quiet and peaceful with very thoughtful neighbors.

What HSF property or project do you have a strong connection with and why? 

The Hall House, Grimes Mill and  the Depot will always have a special place in my heart because they are very unique, provide a unique place for community events  and I have invest thousands of hours in their preservation and presentation to the public.  They are a gift to the community that will last decades. 

What made you want to become involved with HSF or what do you believe Salisbury would be like if HSF had not been around?

 Leslie and I liked history and the thought of being part of an organization whose focus was preserving history and promoting a peaceful neighborhood environment with a very high quality of Life seemed a worthy activity for our final years.