Anne LylesHistory, as well as historic structures and activities, have been a part of my life since growing up in Virginia. Living in Salisbury for over 35 years and being a part of HSF for over 20 years has been a continuation of this connection with the past.

CherylCorrell01Our family lives on a century-old family farm in western Rowan County where preservation and conservation are a part of our everyday life. I am married to David Correll and have two children, Josie and Talton. Today, I work on the farm, homeschool our children and volunteer with church and other organizations. Previously, I enjoyed working at Historic Salisbury Foundation, and truly look forward to the opportunity to serve the organization once again.


Diane HooperI first became involved with Historic Salisbury in 1974 as a docent at the Hall House and that property will always hold a special place in my heart. Since that time, I’ve been involved in nearly all of Historic Salisbury’s projects and efforts.  
I have no doubt that if Historic Salisbury Foundation did not exist, the special character that is historic Salisbury would not exist and our community would be just like hundreds of towns across America that don’t have a sense of history and place.

Don ConnerHaving grown up in an early 1800's house, I have always had an appreciation for old houses and their place in history. I thoroughly enjoy working on and helping to restore some of the old homes in Salisbury. It is my small part in preserving our architectural history.

Doug BlackLeslie and I became involved with the Foundation as docents at the Hall House shortly after moving to Salisbury in 2001.  We have also supported the maintenance of the grounds:  Leslie keeps the Hall House herb garden while I have trimmed hedges and other bushes.  From there, as required, I expanded my maintenance efforts to include the Depot and Grimes Mill.

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lg Ed Clement


Historic preservation saves and protects the invaluable heritage of our place - it's culture, history and architecture, and revitalizes older neighborhoods, thereby increasing tax values and strengthening our economy.

lg Joan Rusher


Since Historic Salisbury Foundation was founded over 40 years ago, they have saved over 100 properties and helped preserve Salisbury's unique sense of place. I am proud to serve such a valuable organization, and am so appreciative of everything they do to save the history and integrity of Salisbury.

Kathi HillWhenever I walked down the streets of Williamsburg or Old Salem I wondered what it would be like to live in a historic district. Now I know, because fortunately we were able to purchase a home on Bank Street in the West Square Historic District. While the house was being restored, we enjoyed living in The Plaza and experiencing life in downtown Salisbury. It is a privilege to live across the street from the Josephus Hall House, which is not only a beautiful architectural structure, but a vital link to history. Hundreds of school children in Rowan County, as well as all visitors to the house, have been able to glimpse what life in the 1800’s was like. Historic Salisbury Foundation has played a major role in preserving our heritage and stabilizing our neighborhoods.

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What HSF project or property do you connect with the most and why?

The Hall House! Why? This "jewel" of the Foundation is located in the heart of the Historic District, where everyone can visit and hear the history of the House and enjoy mementos from the past. Our docents are more than happy to answer questions , and direct a tour for visitors of all ages , even school children, who are, after all, the future caretakers of the Hall House.


My husband Andrew and I didn't know what to expect when we first visited Salisbury in April 2013. Recently retired we were looking to move to a small historic town with a strong sense of community, a neat downtown area and tree lined streets. We found all those things and much more. We met people who were passionate about preserving the historic nature of this town. Now, having restored the Stokes Snider home, we are connected to the past and we feel we are the caretakers of the home for the future. The Snider's, who were the previous owners of the home, were among the first members of HSF in the 1970's and helped establish the organization it has become.

HSF played a vital role in our decision to live in Salisbury and their support of our new business venture was both encouraging and generous.


lg Nancy ClementFrom childhood, I was taught to love and respect historic properties. This appreciation has continued today. I have served on the board of Historic Salisbury Foundation, helping in many ways to share what the Foundation does to promote and protect our community. I live in an 1883 house in West Square (one of ten historic districts) and have been involved with the restoration of many houses personally.

I truly believe that without the efforts of HSF over the past 40+ years, Salisbury would be another ordinary community without distinction. The restoration of the 1908 Frank Milburn designed train station, the 1820 Dr. Josephus Hall House and the protective covenants on over 100 properties are stars in the Foundation’s crown. Many residents of Salisbury have chosen to live here because of the historic aspect of our “special place”.

Randy ReamerWhen Marcia and I moved back to Salisbury in 1972 the HSF was just getting started. We considered ourselves "urban gorillas" when we and other families with children bought old homes to fix up in the now West Square. The neighborhood was in "transition" at the time(and it always will be).

Together with an eclectic group of others, we fought battle after battle to save our neighborhood. HSF was instrumental in the the fight. We began with creation of a neighborhood association that is still vibrant and has been a model for others. We secured designations as local and federal historic districts. We promoted the West Square through OctoberTour year after year and who can forget the dramatic moving of the Crawford house from across town to the corner of Fulton/Horah streets.

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R.W. BrownWhat HSF property or project do you have a strong connection with and why? I have a strong connection to the Joseph Charles Price home on West Monroe Street.  It was the abode of a founder of Livingstone College an institution from which I graduated.  The ground around the home was one of my favorite play sites when I was a child.

What made you want to become involved with HSF or what do you believe Salisbury would be like if HSF had not been around? If HSF had not been around, many of the Salisbury’s selling points for an historic district would have fallen to the wrecker’s ball.  Much of the city’s charm and identity would no longer exist. For example, upon my return to Salisbury after 40 years living in other parts of the world, I noticed a sad absence of the First Presbyterian Church sanctuary on West Innis Street.  Only the bell tower and the sessions house remains.    

Seamus DonaldsonIf you live in a historic home or neighborhood, what do you like most about it? The craftsmanship and unique finishing’s that are near impossible to replicate today. Historic homes represent an artwork that were built with pride and heart and are a legacy to future generations as evidence of the value in their communities by previous generations.
What HSF property or project do you have a strong connection with and why? The Salisbury Depot is such a unique property with an amazing history. Interestingly enough, while the history of the property is so rich, the present and future of the property are equally as bright as it has become a beacon for so many to experience Salisbury.

What made you want to become involved with HSF or what do you believe Salisbury would be like if HSF had not been around? The Revolving Fund has been a great asset to the community and its direct impact on improving our neighborhoods and quality of life has attracted me to the foundation.

Susan SidesI am most interested in the Fulton-Mock-Blackmer residence at 112 S. Fulton St. That house has a most fascinating history, and I look forward to its transformation.

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