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2018 Salisbury Sculpture Show - Perigree, by Dane Winkler

Saved 1013 N main



Historic Salisbury Foundation Acquires the F.N. McCubbins House


Historic Salisbury Foundation has acquired the F.N. McCubbins house at 1013 North Main Street. The two-story frame house was severely damaged by fire in December 2016. Owner Christy Lockhart donated the home to the Foundation in December 2017. As a Revolving Fund property, the Foundation will clean out the burned portions of the interior and stabilize the house before putting it on the market for a new owner to complete. “I’m glad everything worked out and that the house will be a home again,” said Lockhart.

The F.M. McCubbins House sits on a prominent site on the east side of North Main Street in the North Main Street Historic District. While the four-square house was influenced by the area’s bungalows, it is predominantly Colonial Revival in style and appearance. It was built around 1926 by F.N. McCubbins, a well-known local realtor and businessman who was a principal in McCubbins and Ramsey Realty and Insurance Company, among other businesses. The house will be the 120th property to go through Historic Salisbury Foundation’s Revolving Fund.

“Saving and rehabilitating this highly visible historic house will be a major step in the much needed revitalization of this vital 12 block entrance into our city,” said Edward Clement, trustee of Historic Salisbury Foundation.

Historic Salisbury Foundation has a history of being willing and able to tackle the most difficult rehabilitation and redevelopment cases. We acquired, stabilized, and sold the Fulton-Mock-Blackmer House that was in worse condition than the F.N. McCubbins House. We recently acquired and sold with covenants the McCanless-Busby-Thompson House that was two days away from a final demolition order when purchased. The Foundation stands ready to do what it takes to save historic properties of significance or which occupy key places in their neighborhoods. With the exception of a few pioneering individuals, no one else in Salisbury will tackle the revitalization of problem properties and, by extension, problem neighborhoods.